Sep 8, 2009

Wave Goodbye to the Tourists!

Each Labor Day, we 'beach bums' get together and have a party to celebrate the end of tourist season. After Labor Day things slow down a lot - We get our beaches back, there's no trouble getting a table at our favorite restaurant and it does not take forever to drive from point A to point B.

The party is always great and each year Hal, my neighbor, writes a short poem titled "Wave goodbye to the Tourists". Here's this year's version:

In years before,
[Days of yore]
We poked fun at our guests.
This time they came,
We looked the same
And hoped they didn’t go west!

We want them here
To drink our Beer
And make our shops be glad!
Though they clog our roads
They spend their loads

So we Wave Goodbye To The Tourists...

And now we must sigh
As we bid them Goodbye
That next year will really be Good.
They can remember the Sea
We can give them TLC
And welcome them into our ‘Hood.

So with a tear in our eye we Wave Goodbye To The Tourists!

Overheard during the party last night...

Man #1 "You know today marks the end of tourist season"
Man #2 "Yep, I know. Shame of it is, I didn't get to shoot a single one..."

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3 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Kat said...

Love the photos and Hal's poem is cute.

Sorry I missed the fun. (and your cupcakes)


meeeeeeeeeee said...

But wait....aren't I a tourist too? I will be there in a few save the good bye party for me!!!

Amberbop said...

This is so funny. Splitting most of my time between Hawaii and NYC I totally feel you. But we love them! They bring us $ and make us appreciate what we get to live with every single day - a hometown worthy of traveling to. I haven't ever had a 'wave goodbye to tourists' party. This looks like it was so much fun.

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