Sep 9, 2009

I NEED a Vacation!

That's was what I was thinking last night when I painted this picture -

Magic Bus
Acrylic 14 x 18 inches

Between cat trapping and deliveries to the vet for our Feral Cat "Trap - Neuter - Release" program (see my other blog) and getting ready for our big Art Gallery Show and Sale in early October, I'm wearing myself out! I'm amazed that I have found the time and the creative energy to paint anything this week but this idea was so delightful I could not help myself!

Remember when your parents piled you, the pets, the coolers, and the toys into the van and said "We're going on vacation"? It was such a delightful feeling to look over your shoulder and see home disappearing into the distance and then later on the road signs saying "Beach - 30 miles". I can still remember hanging my head out the window and smelling the ocean long before I was able to see it.

Here's to vacations - may we always keep that childhood wonder in our hearts!

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6 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Kat said...

Love this one Robin! The colors are so "eye friendly".


C said...

This is the kind of artwork I so adore! The kind that has never grown up! :)

storybeader said...

love the painting! I want to go to the beach too. Pick me up? lol {:-D

Deb Cards, Etc. said...

i love it! so fun!

Ragtree said...

Robin, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic! I am so glad I can get back on your blog... I've been trying and I kept getting the message that the Profile was Hidden. What is that about??? Am I becoming a stalker?

You inspire me to try harder with my art. Thank you so much :)


Niall O loughlin said...

Crazy blog, love your work.

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