Aug 24, 2009

My dream car...

OK, it's not exactly in my price range but I can dream, right? The Porsche "Panamera" is the hot new model that has just come out and I have a chance to paint a really cool picture of it for a silent auction we'll have during the local car show in October.

Oh the dilemma... How to show the coolness of such a car. You can't just paint it sitting still and the road hardly seems deserving of such a fine ride. But wait, what if we put it in another context? One that is both forever young and cool?

Have you guessed yet? Here's my first night's work...

This is going to be a fun one!

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Kat said...


Hope to see you at lunch today.


Dianna said...

OMG - how cool is that! I love it!!!

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