Aug 30, 2009

Hot Cars and Vintage Toys - Updated

Dianna, you were right. That bright area on the bottom right did not work. See the second picture and THANK YOU!!!
I finally got some free time to paint today and I think I'm almost finished with the Porsche Panamera painting. I might go back and add a little more bright white sea spray but I'm pretty happy with the way it is now. Now I need a name for it - any ideas?

The last update (also a better picture showing the actual colors) -->

I also decided to finish a painting I started last week with a jack-in-the-box. I wanted to give the painting a creepy vintage feeling and I think I was really successful because the darn thing creeps me out!

Now that I'm finished with it I can honestly say I DON'T LIKE IT. Seriously, I'd give it away before I'd keep it in my house. It gives me the "hee-bee jee-bees"; if that's even a word. Oh well, at least it's finished.

Now I'm sitting here staring a 3 blank canvases... No more vintage toys for a while! I'm thinking cats, birds, or maybe something funny with both?

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Kat said...

Love it! How about SMOOTH RIDE?

The Jack In The Box doesn't give me "hee-bee-jee-bees". I think it's pretty darn cute.


Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

You know what? Jacks-in-the-box terrify me. So do clowns. But your artwork...(i am still terrified) BUT! Before being terrified, I feel funny first! And then I am terrified!

Your jack-in-the-box is the first to make me feel funny first! :) thank you! :)

Nothinglikeit said...

The perfect name came to me while I was exercising yesterday: "Pipe Dream"

What do you think?

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