May 12, 2009

One of Us is Working...

We've had a lot of rain and a few distractions lately but the sun came out today and Charles got busy. I mean REALLY busy... He hit the deck with a vengeance and really got a lot done in 8 hours. A few more days like this and he'll be putting the paint on...

Ok, now I have to admit something. Aside from cleaning up down below and helping Charles sweep up a few paint chips on deck, I did absolutely nothing today! I read email, surfed, and drew pictures. I found a pad of colored drawing paper meant for pastel work and I decided to try out my pens and watercolor pencils. I really like the results!

An Illustration for Elise

Squirrel Daydreams

For my part of the boat renovations, I did get my varnish ordered and it should be here in a few days. Then I'll get serious about taking things apart and deciding what needs a new paint job and what needs just a few touch up coats!

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Anonymous said...

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

That squirrel is sooo cute!

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