May 11, 2009

Illustration Friday...

I LOVE Illustration Friday. It gives me something to think about, a way to spark my imagination and something creative to do. That said, some Fridays the word for the week just perplexes me. This past Friday the word was "Parade". Wow, that one is easy, right? Just the opposite - instead of battling with a complex idea, I was stuck replaying the movie "The Music Man" in my head. I absolutely refused to recreate that marching band so I resolved myself to sit out this weeks' challenge.

Then I saw an ant carrying a crumb 3 times larger than himself and the idea hit me -
So, here is my quick doodle and entry for Illustration Friday:

Illustration Friday - "Parade"
Pen and Colored Pencil

The Ants have it...

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justabeachkat said...

Cute cute cute! Miss you!


janie said...

great idea, you just cant turn your back on those pesky ants can you!
love the layout, brilliant crowd.

Owl Eng said...

Thanks for your visit and comment ;).
What a lovely parade!! you're very observant...Through your eyes and hands, the routine ant parade has turned out to be a beautiful one!!
Love your linework, so full of energy and style!!

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