Jun 30, 2008

Weird Science

Lately I've become interested in the Human Genome project. Much attention has been paid to isolating the genetic links to things like diabetes, heart disease, and depression. I thought it might be useful to track down the links to other important issues that plague mankind.

Using a magnifying glass and some toenail clippings I've been able to isolate, sketch, and finally create, in stunning 3-D realism, a few of the more interesting gene sequences.

These 3 models are each very unique. The red one, GS27, is linked to the following human characteristics:
The uncontrollable urge to open other people's mail
Chronic bad breath
Premature baldness
Might also be linked to an inclination to wear white socks with open toed sandals

Each model comes in its own container with a bio sheet for reference. Available now in the new "Weird Science" Section of my ETSY store.

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elphabainwicked said...

These little guys rock...and I love each one!! I can't wait to see your next bunch.


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