Jul 1, 2008

Time-out for a friend

I took the day off today and spent my crafting energies on a project for a friend. She's recently been in the hospital and has had a bad time of it because of a few very callous and arrogant doctors. Their errors, actions, and lack of action caused my friend a lot of pain and an extended hospital stay.

Now that she's home, I wanted to send her something to cheer her up -

Introducing the "I hate my doctor" voodoo doll. A flexible polymer head mounted on a bendable wire and cloth frame. The "Doctor" is about 10 inches tall and has many suitably stick-able places all over his body.

I hope it makes my buddy feel better. If it makes that nasty doctor feel a bit worse that would be OK too!
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JodisCraftEmporium said...

I absolutely love that. My dad had to recently change doctors because his doctor almost killed him. He would have gotten a kick out of that one :D

elphabainwicked said...



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