Jun 21, 2008

From nothing to something...

I'm trying something new with Polymer - pose able art dolls! With a little clay and a few hours, I can fashion and bake a head, two hands, and two feet. Add these to a Six inch bendable wire frame and dress it up with some stuffing and clothes and a 'one of a kind' doll is born.
I normally don't know who or what the doll will be when I begin, I just let the clay tell me what to do. This time it got me into a bit of trouble. After fashioning the head and baking it, I was stuck. I had no idea where I wanted to go next with this doll.
I knew two things about this character - he/she had a great sense of smell and liked to eat! With a little input from friends and family I managed to dig through my fabric bag and design the perfect costume. The 'nobody' doll now has a name, a gender, and even has relatives. Meet "Periwinkle" the Spring Imp...
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