Jan 1, 2007

Latest News and Top Secret Specials

**** Monday, February 9th ****

There's a GIVEAWAY going on somewhere around here! Click here for more details!
Hurry - it all ends midnight Feb 8th.

UPDATE - Congratulations to MissyKnits for winning the drawing! Coma back here soon for more fun giveaways!

** This year you can find me on ETSY and ArtFire **

My ETSY shop will be focused on creating custom coaster orders while my ArtFire shop will have a wide selection of all of my crazy art (including coasters).

There's also an "ON SALE!" section in my Artfire shop where you can always find a great deal on something!

Check both shops often to see what's new and come back here for 'top secret' discounts and specials!

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