Jun 10, 2008

Cold Porcelain?

While sailing from Turkey to the US this past year I had problems figuring out a way to make things with polymer clay. Our oven on the boat did the job fine but the energy it took and the heat it gave off made polymer a lot less attractive as a medium.

I met a great artist through ETSY who creates wonderful characters using cold porcelain ColdPorcelainDesigns.com. She sells kits of pre-colored cold porcelain to anyone wanting to experiment with this material. Of course I had to try it...

Cold Porcelain is a soft sculpting medium that dries in about 24 hours when exposed to air. You get about 30 minutes of working time before the clay starts to set up. It requires a lot more focus to get things right the first time! The sailor character below took about one hour from start to finish - talk about pressure!

I still prefer polymer for the unlimited time it gives you to create things but Cold Porcelain was a great way to go while sailing around on a boat!
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