Feb 5, 2009

Top Secret Valentines Giveaway

OK, maybe it's not that secret after all but IT IS a GIVEAWAY!

From now until midnight February 8th, someone will have a chance to win TWO fun Valentines items:

1) A Heart themed coaster - Works with hot and cold beverages, has a soft foam underside to protect your furniture. This would be perfect for your true love's coffee cup or wine glass!

2) A cute ACEO Art Card print of my original illustration titled "Cupid's Cousin". He's the the guy who's responsible for all of those 'not quite right' relationships we sometimes fall into!

So, you're probably thinking, what do I have to do to win these cool items? It's easy!
  • For ONE entry, visit my ArtFire shop and comment on this blog post telling me what item you like best and why.
  • For an EXTRA entry, mention this contest on your blog and include your blog link in the comment.
  • For even ONE MORE entry, follow me on Twitter and Tweet about the contest!
That's right, those three simple things can get your name entered THREE times for this fabulous drawing.

Get busy, this contest ends midnight EST February 8th (that's this Sunday)! This contest is open to USA and Canadian residents only. I promise to do my best to get these products delivered to you in time for Valentines Day but I cannot be held responsible for bad weather
or Postal Service mishaps.

Good Luck!

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5 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Lucky Girl said...

I love Marley! But that Chocolate Easter Bunny is so darned cute too!

missknits said...

what a great giveaway! i have ot say i just loved your flat doggy coasters! that is just the cutest thing! http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=ViewListing&product_id=51124

Alisuns said...

Well, I have GOT to say that now I'm safe from him after 50 years, I love cupid's cousin because we were very close for the first 50 years of my life! Hehehe.

I'm going to give you my blog link and plan to include you. I'm in the middle of writers' block, though.

Dianna said...

I know, I know....saying I have a favorite is next to impossible. Sooo, my 2 favorites are the (1) Sock Monkey couple and (2) the Mermaids (all of them!!!)

Does that count???

From meeeeeeeeeee

Emilyjo said...

A favorite? Just one? Nope, too many good ones for that, huh, huh? Can't we choose them all as favorites? Don't want to discriminate and make the rest feel inferior, huh, huh? All good, all good.

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