Nov 5, 2009

We Do Windows!

Out and about this week - traveling and visiting friends and family. I'm at Mom and Dad's for a few days and while out with Mom shopping on Wednesday, we talked about their need to replace the windows in their house.

25 years old with single pane windows that badly need to be re-glazed - it was time to do something. A few phone calls to window companies had been a bit discouraging. $19,000 for 13 replacement windows sounded like a little bit too much.

We stopped by Home Depot and talked to the window expert and he told us how to measure for a replacement window. We went back to the house, took off the molding, wrote down our numbers and went back to the store. A hour later we returned to the house with two new replacement windows, a roll of insulation, some caulking and finishing nails. All for about $350...

Here's the whole process in photos - About 5 hours, start to finish!

Removing molding from the second window

All molding off

Old window out and cleanup

New window in and molding reattached

New window from the inside

New window from the outside

Old Windows... anyone want to build a greenhouse?

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Kat said...

Girlfriend, you amaze me! Is there nothing that you can't do! Great job.


storybeader said...

you're very brave. I need new windows for my 1945-built home. Afraid to take the windows out and find paper, not insulation, between the interior and exterior walls! Wish my brother lived in town - he's a wizard at repairing old homes!

Renee said...

Is there anything you CAN'T do?!

I'm very impressed! I do well just to windex mine once a year!

Renee :)

P.S. When are you getting the clay back out?

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone had a daughter like mine.

Nancy said...

Nothing like DIY -- the window looks great!

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