Nov 1, 2009

A Spooktacular Halloween!

I'm not a photographer, but I played one this weekend...

Charles and I volunteered to setup and run a photo booth to benefit Friends of
Topsail Park here in Florida. It was a big fund raising event Friday and Saturday night with a Scary trail, a Trick-or-Treat trail, and a Fantasy Land game area where kids could win lots of prizes. Our photo booth was setup to the side of the game area and boy were we busy!

This is the background we started out with:

Pretty cool, right? It's just a large tarp painted to look like a dungeon. It looked great in our garage but we forgot to imagine what might happen if the wind were blowing...
We got there Friday morning to setup for our first photo shoot Friday night and things quickly turned ugly.

The wind would gust and the tarp would fly up like a kite. When we secured the tar
p at the bottom, the entire canopy would threaten to fly apart. We were in serious trouble...

We started looking for something to use as a background in place of the tarp and found some hand-me-down decorations that nobody else had claimed. Two hours later we had this instead of the dungeon wall:

Friday night was incredibly busy and we took tons of pictures. Saturday night we had more competition but the turnout was still pretty good. Everyone who had their pictures taken can now go to this web site to download or order prints. I hope they had as much fun as we did!

~ The Photographers ~

Happy Halloween!

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Kat said...

I'm sure it was scary and frustrating to have to hurry and come up with something that would work, but you did it GOOD! It really looked wonderful. Seriously, great job.


(missed you today at lunch)

storybeader said...

that looks neat. How does that work? Download sounds free but prints will cost... Is this through something like Walgreens or another store? Just wondering.... {:-D

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