Jun 17, 2009

Put down that brush! UPDATED!

"Put down that brush and step away from the painting!"

Sometimes I wish there was a little art critic sitting on my shoulder that could scream that into my ear when I'm about to go past the point of no return with a painting. Do
you ever get to that point when you know you have a few more things you really need to touch up and then you just step back a bit, stare, and say "What else is it missing?"

I'm almost there with this painting. I'd say I'm 92% happy with it and if I
can soften up the clouds and the area around the sun I think I'll be 98% happy. Like most people, it's that last 2% that will drive me crazy!

I'll put up a picture of the 98% version of this painting later today and by then maybe I will have decided what to do with that last 2%...


"After the Storm"
Acrylic on Canvas panel 11x14

I did my best to make the clouds more cloudlike and brightened up the sun a bit. I threw more shadow onto the front left edge of the boat and put a few highlights on the ground. Now for the last 2% - any suggestions?

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2 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Beautiful :)

RedLinc said...

wow, what a difference from yesterday! It is very dramatic and beautiful.

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