Jan 11, 2009

Who Let The Dogs Out?!?

Brand new pound puppies available for adoption now in my ArtFire shop:

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Anonymous said...

So Cute!

Ragtree said...

Sculpting again? Yeah!!! I agreed to do a custom order and I can't bring myself to drag out my clay again!

I am so impressed with your paintings... you have to keep posting your work!

Renee :)

LoveEtsyFeedback TagsAndButtons said...

Ohhh they are so cute, and congrats on opening a new shop! I had opened a artfire and stuff, but then im trying really hard to start focusing on mysefl to get some stuff on track in life and I just didnt have time to really deal with another whole shop, so I took it off the and made it just a free account. Had I found artfire like 4 months ago It may of worked out better haha! Anyways im glad to see your off and creating awsome things as normal! And I know you will rock artfire just like etsy yay!

googler said...

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