Sep 27, 2008

Day 6 - Where's Dakota?

You're still here? OK, here are some other things to entertain you while Dakota is away:

* Check out some interesting things about North Dakota

* Learn some cool trivia about Buffalo

Leave a comment if you want a postcard from Dakota, he thinks that licking stamps is fun...

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trishia said...

what fun! my kids collect postcards from around the country- both on their own and from family/friends... they'd be thrilled to get one from Dakota! I will send you our info :)

PurrPrints said...

Ooo--I want a postcard form Dakota--that'd be awesome!

momxxx said...

i better get a post card from dakota! momxxx

Auntie Dis said...

Licking stamps huh? Since you've denied him beer, he's resorted to stamp glue licking? ;P

elphabainwicked said...

Okay...I was actaully looking for Dakota in the picture...doh!!! Got me on that one. lol

I would love a post card from ND. :-)

I think when you get back you need to make a flattened guy like him...hint, hint, hint!!

Are buffalo chips really big?

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