Sep 26, 2008

Day 5 - Buffalo Dreams

We had an easy day planned today so we took the back roads from Fargo to Jamestown, ND (a.k.a. Buffalo City). We drove about 100 miles and got to see a few of the farming communities that are spread across North Dakota.

We made it to Jamestown about 12:00 so decided to visit the Frontier Village and the world's largest Buffalo before going on to the hotel.

We also found the National Buffalo Museum nearby which turned out to be one of the best small museums we have ever visited. This place tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Buffalo (and maybe a few things you didn't want to know). There were also some great wildlife exhibits that Dakota really got into...

After the museum we visited a great art shop filled with things from local artists. We met Bill Nybo there working on one of his pieces, a colorful cartoon illustration. We bought a few things then headed to Babb's coffee house (a Taste of Seatle) in downtown Jamestown for some great soup and coffee. There was a model of the Seattle Space Needle there and we had Dakota convinced it was the real thing.

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momxxx said...

looks like dakota is staying out of trouble. does he have a tux for the wedding? btw! what's the horse name?

rkdsign88 said...

Wow a giant buffalo. Dakota is cuter & funnier every day, thanks for sharing this :)

elphabainwicked said...

What great pics...but poor Dakota really seems to get picked on by the animals on this day.

I laughed so hard when I saw they called him a 'dork'...I was thinking how much a dork I was for not checking in all week.

I got the postcard and that just made my day yesterday. I collect postcards but only if they are mailed from a location.

I love that you guys are seeing so many things!!!

Gotta love Dakota...always willing to step in and help!!!

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