Jul 7, 2008

My ETSY shop is HOT today!

It's really hard to get traffic to your web site and sometimes it seems like there's no way to get anyone to come to your page and look at you stuff.

This weekend I got lucky and someone put my flat flamingo coaster in an ETSY treasury: Treasury Link
Today one of my flat cow coasters is in another treasury: TreasuryWest Link
Treasuries only last a few days but it is a great way to get new people to see your stuff. I'm excited!
A few minutes ago I got an email from someone who wants to feature my ETSY shop on their blog: The Love ETSY Feedback Blog This is GREAT!

Thanks everyone for helping me to promote my ETSY shop!

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elphabainwicked said...

I completely forgot to tell you I had posted a link to your store from my blog a few weeks ago!! I will mention you in one of my up coming blogs!!

Congrats on getting on Etsy Treasuries...I hope it brings lots of business...dang, now I will have to grab asap when you post the new ones.

Keep flattening...the guys are going to be better than normal ornaments for the holidays!!!

Your work is to die for...okay, laughing is more like it!!!

I absolutely just adore every piece I have gotten so far...


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