Jul 5, 2008

If I had a Dog...

If I had a dog he would be very cute and everyone would love him. He would be small enough to ride in the passenger seat beside me, but not so small that I could carry him in a handbag because that's just wrong. He'd enjoy hanging his head out the car window as I drive but would not bark at anyone unless I really wanted him to.
If I had a dog he'd eat the same things I eat and would only have to go out to pee/poop during reasonable daylight hours. He'd know when I felt bad and would always curl up next to me to make me feel better.
If I had a dog I'd give him a cool name and I'd never try to dress him up in silly clothes from "PetSmart". I'd talk to him like a mate and always try to see his side of any argument.
If I had a dog he'd look like this -

Only he wouldn't be quite as flat as this cute dog coaster...
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BeckyR said...

Cute dog! He looks like my puppy Sam!

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