Aug 23, 2010

John Wayne and Snoring Cats

I'm currently on an ambitious mission to get a TON of small paintings finished for an Art show Labor Day weekend. Many paintings are older works-in-progress, some new ideas I have sketched and set aside, and a few are funny ideas I stumbled upon while surfing. Things on the web that made me giggle (and want to to paint): animal/celebrity mash-ups and snoring cats...

I got this inspiration from a post on Flavorwire. You know how sometimes pets look like their owners? Well, sometimes animals look like famous people - especially when they're dressed the part:

"The Duke" 11x14 acrylic on canvas panel

The other topic that caught my attention came about as a result of listening to my cat sleeping in his bed behind me. He was snorting and wheezing but he was sound asleep so I googled "Do cats snore?" and landed on an article with this picture. It was so cute I had to paint it!

"Sleeping Kitten" 8x8 gallery stretched canvas

Today I must stay off the internet for a while, there are way too many distractions out there and I have a dozen canvases to finish!

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sassypackrat said...

Your painting are so wonderful and whimsical!

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