Jun 11, 2010

Black Swan updated

Last night I watched the CEO of BP give us a long apology for the events in the Gulf. It's easy to be angry at this man who represents an organization who is in charge of the company that is responsible but aren't we all a little to blame?

I drive my car when and where I like, I try to recycle but it's often easy to toss things away and let the landfill deal with it. I'm a good steward of my local community and environment but do I go out of my way to convince others to do the right thing? Our need for fossil fuels drives the demand for oil which drives companies like BP to drill even deeper to give us all what we say we need.

Don't let the oil spill event come and go without asking yourself what part you had to play in it. We are all a little guilty and we should all, in some small way, do our part to make it right.

"Black Swan II"
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FunkyFolky said...

Your right, Robin. We all have to do our part. My car gets about 16 mpg and I don't WANT to get a hybrid, yet I'm always upset over our dependance on oil and the horrific cost to our environment. I'm a big, fat hypocrite!

NOW your painting is perfect. You're so clever I'm jealous!

Linda Hensley said...

I really like the way you used the BP logo. I drove past a BP gas station the other day, and don't understand why people aren't boycotting them? There are things we can do, and that's an easy one.

Aries said...

Yes it is true that every one should do their part. Perhaps someday we would all walk or cycle like in those days before car was invented.

Kat said...


Love the painting.


storybeader said...

gosh - what a striking piece of art! Yes, you are right - most all of us need to take ownership of the problem we face...

Anonymous said...

beautiful painting.

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