Jun 5, 2009

A Craving for Cinnamon Buns...

Charles and I went walking this morning in an attempt to stay healthy and in my case, walk off some of the calories I have consumed or plan to consume later. Along the way I got a real craving for cinnamon buns. You know the kind; hot, steamy, dripping with cinnamon and sugar. This was odd for me because I rarely get cravings like this, so I mentioned it to Charles. To which he replied "Hop in the car when we get back to the marina and go get us some!"

Good thing I fought that ur
ge because when I sat down to check my email I got the new theme for Illustration Friday. Are you ready....


We laughed about how appropriate the theme was and I said "I'll do an illustration about my craving for cinnamon buns". Then Charles gave me the idea to use the word "Buns" in another context... Here's my entry for Illustration Friday:

Happy Friday!

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Edrian Thomidis said...

This is hilarious! Great take on the theme! Thanks for your recent comment.

Kat said...

So cute!! Hey, do you mind if I put it on my blog and link back to you? I've been discussing exercising, etc. and this will tie in with my next post about food? I understand if you'd rather I not.

Miss you!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That is awesome!

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