May 31, 2009

I've Been Away

Have you ever noticed how full your inbox can get when you ignore it for a few days? We were away for most of last week and I spent most of Friday just sorting through it all...

I've found it hard in the past finding something 'artful' to entertain myself on the road. Acrylic paint, canvas, and brushes do not travel easily - I've never come up with a travel kit I could manage very well. I do know someone who paints in the car (as a passenger of course) but I'm not that brave.

Lately I've been really enjoying a set of watercolor pencils I got a while back
. I bought a pad of colored pastel paper a few weeks ago and started drawing on this material with my pencils. Now I'm hooked! I love the way the background color sets the mood of the picture.

Here are two examples - the "Sailing Ships" on the gray paper sets a mood of a cool, overcast day with the sun trying to break through. The cartoon image called "Whale Song" is brighter, using the blue paper to tie the sky and sea together.

Sailing Ships
8x10 pencil on pastel paper

Whale Song
8x10 pencil on pastel paper

Now that we're back on the boat I can start painting again. Unfortunately, I'm kind of hooked on those pencils at the moment... Arrrggghhh!

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sassypackrat said...

I recently bought a set of watercolor pencils too and just love them! Love the drawings you did with them!

Judy C said...

I have watercolor pencils and I've been using the wrong paper. It does make a difference. Thanks for sharing.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

They are both cute - but I really love the second one!

Kat said...

Cute, cute, cute! Don't you want to do a "beachkat" for my desk?? Hint, hint.

We miss you. I hope you're having lots of fun.

Long story, but wanted you to know I've moved to a new blog


Ragtree said...

Robin, I'm SOOOO glad you found the pencils.... I plan on taking my tin to the beach this year with me... your drawings are WONDERFUL!

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