Feb 20, 2009

If a Bear Sips in the Woods...

Black Bear Critter coasters
Available in my ETSY shop

These two funny guys came from a custom order request: "Can you make a black bear coaster with his paws on his head?"
Bear - check, no problem.
Paws on head - hmmmmm, how about one paw?

I'm not sure what the 'paws on the head' effect was supposed to achieve. In this case the poor fellows just look really hung over. If that story does not fly with you we'll just say they woke from their hibernation 2 months too early.

One of these guys gets tossed in the custom order box, the other goes on sale in my ETSY store - Stay tuned to see who goes where!

The Judges have made their decision - click here to see which bear is in my ETSY shop now!

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4 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Rose Works Jewelry said...

LOL - that's awesome!

Jo Hoffacker said...

These guys are just too funny!

storybeader said...

too funny!

Erin Tales said...

Love it - as always!!!

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