Jan 23, 2009

Shall We Dance?

I've been gathering up my artwork this winter, trying to figure out which pieces I want to have reproduced for sale in my ArtFire shop. It's always hard to decide which piece is the best and I think it often turns out to be the one that is my favorite at the moment, without much regard for the artistic merits of the piece.
I got excited yesterday when I received some 4x6 Giclee prints of an acrylic I had finally decided on. The Giclee print process is the best way to reproduce a watercolor
or acrylic painting and I really can't tell theses prints from the original! I like them so well that I may order a few more prints in different sizes.
The piece is called "Shall we Dance" and it was painted last winter while we were in the islands. I think I love this piece right now because it is really cold here in Northern Florida and I am missing the colors and warmth of the Caribbean!

"Shall We Dance" 4x6 Giclee Print

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Ragtree said...

Robin, I'm such a huge fan of yours I think you couldn't go wrong with ANYTHING you've done! I'm envious of your boat trip... watch out for the octopi!

Renee :)

LoveEtsyFeedback TagsAndButtons said...

So cute! You know what you might be able to do? Market things of your coasters and stuff. What do I mean? Take some of the best pictures of individual coasters and stuff youve taken and get them made into stickers, buttons magnets. Maybe get some small prints done. Greeting cards, bookmarks etc. You ould even hand draw/paint some onto things. That make sense? Start with small stuff and see how it goes then work your way to more expensive items :D

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