Aug 10, 2008

What a Deal!

It all started with a comment in an ETSY chat room: "If you made a coaster that looked like this I know someone who would want it!"
A few hours later the "heart with wings" coaster was in the oven!
The best part of this whole deal is that I get something extra special in trade for this coaster - a gorgeous pair of earrings I've been drooling after!
Check out AuntieDis' ETSY shop for some great jewelry! Oh, she also sells candles that smell heavenly!
AuntieDis on ETSY

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Auntie Dis said...

Awwwww..shucks! Thanks so much! I can't wait to get my coaster, and I sure hope you enjoy your earrings! :) Hugs!

Three Fates said...

Awesome coaster!

Jerilynn said...

I love love love those earrings. I envy people who can really use clay. I think it's art for sure Ü

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