Aug 20, 2008

We've received an Award!

Wooooooo! We have received an award from the incredible blog site SquidEtsians! The Critter Coasters and I feel quite honored by this award and want to thank everyone responsible!
As part of this very cool honor, we now get to choose 7 blogs that we find exceptional. It's been a long hard process of elimination but we think that we've narrowed down the list to 7 finalists:

1. LoveEtsyFeedback - She works hard to show off the ETSY stores that do EVERYTHING right.
2. MoonMystic - Her sense of humor tickles my funny bone...
3. AuntieDis - A great blog with little exposure which deserves a lot more!
4. Elphabainwicked - A wonderful person who happens to have a really nice blog as well...
5. Bloggertricks - A very cool site that helped me trick out my blog! Thanks!
6. RoadsideProjects - Her art is unique and speaks for itself but the blog is really good too!
7. PamperingBeki - Just because I LOVE I-Spy

If you're lucky enough to be on this list, here are the rules for the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 Award, established in 2005:

l. The award image may be displayed on a winner’s blog.
2. Add a link to the person whom you received the award from.
3. Nominate up to seven other blogs.
4. Then add their links to your blog.
5. Add a message to each person that you have passed the award on to in the comments section of their blog.

I'll sit back now and wait for the congratulations phone calls and emails to come flooding in... The Critter Coasters are throwing a party in my honor. They know I'm responsible for most of this because none of them can type...
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DAMdesigns LoveEtsyFeedback TagsAndButtons said...

Thanks so much!! I loved that custom elephant you made, sooo cute!

Dianna said... crack me up! I would call with my congratulations - but it is too early for you!!! Great job though :-)

elphabainwicked said...


These are great choices...

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