Jul 24, 2008

Hammy the hamster

I'm just back from vacation and I'm being stared down by a project I thought would be a piece of cake - Meet "Hammy" the hamster:

ETSY special order - I've been asked to create a polymer figure of this cute little guy for his owner. She insists that he look as 'true to life' as possible so I'm starting to feel a little nervous about being able to capture his real 'hamsterness'. I'd feel better if I could flatten him into a coaster but she'll have none of that! This is a serious tribute to "Hammy". Are you starting to sense the pressure I'm under here?
I started to shape his body last night and will write an update to this log with pictures to show my progress. Wish me luck... and stay tuned...
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elphabainwicked said...

I say make a second one...and FLATTEN him!!

Good luck!! I can't wait to see this piece when you are done...


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