Jul 15, 2011

Space, the Final Frontier

The last (and final) Space Shuttle launch got me thinking about NASA and the space program. I was 4 when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. I watched COSMOS on PBS as a kid and can still hear Carl Sagan's voice in my head saying "Billions and Billions of stars".

It's only natural that my latest creative mashup would come to this: Space and Dogs.

It started with a painting I did of a Westie floating in space in an astronaut suit and now I'm hooked!

The concept is not new of course. Dogs in space is a popular subject in Books and art.
Early Russian space flight (Sputnik) turned a number of dogs into overnight celebrities.

I've just finished my latest "Space Dog" painting. This one has more of a nostalgic feeling to it:

"Rocket Dog" 16 x 20 Acrylic on gallery stretched canvas

Going back to the drawing board now - I feel the need to stuff more dogs into space suits :-)

For all of you cat lovers out there - France launched a kitty into space as well. In 1963, France put a male, black and white stray named Felix into a rocket capsule and sent him into the sky. He was recovered at splash down and lived to "meow" about it...

Nasa's simulated Cat space suits
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