Jul 19, 2011

On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog...

Travel back in time with me to the age when the internet was ruled by super geeks and the web was just catching on... 1993

Ny Times

These days, there really are dogs on the internet. There are also cats, horses, ferrets, you name it... all God's creatures want a piece of the action. That got me thinking - how does Facebook handle it when your family dog creates his own Facebook Profile?

Strangely enough, the Facebook help center has very little to say about this topic, aside from the requirement that you use your REAL name when creating a profile and this statement in the terms and conditions:
You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create 
an account for anyone other than yourself without permission. 

My cat has a real name, it's on his records at the vet. I also have many photos of him that I can use for his profile pic. If I put him at the computer and help him fill in his profile info I'm home free. Looks like Tucker is getting a Facebook Profile!

For illustration purposes only...

Hold on a minute... Didn't I hear once that Facebook was deleting pet profiles? Turns out they do on occasion but only as part of their general rule enforcement about fictitious names. They do NOT appear to be systematically exterminating pet profiles. Case in point - I found out I have a cat as a Facebook friend and did not even know it: Kitty Casper Cunha. Kitty, in turn, has MANY other four legged friends.

The bigger question for me would be - "What if Tucker gets really excited about his new place in the Social Networking world then Facebook suddenly deletes his profile through no fault of his own?" How do I explain THAT to my cat and what type of emotional scar does that leave?

Your thoughts?
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