May 29, 2011

Going back for a second look...

Sometimes I take a photo that motivates me to paint a picture. That was the case with a musician I took a picture of in St Augustine last Fall. The picture was terrible - poorly lit and out of focus but it would not get out of my head until I got it on canvas.

I painted the picture late last year and put it away; not really happy with the results.
I went looking for the photo the other day to see what I could do to improves the painting and I can't find it anywhere! I guess that can be a good thing sometimes since it allows you to go wild with your imagination.

Here's the original painting...

I wasn't sure what was missing until I realized the lady had no audience. All that lovely music and nobody to listen...

"For the Cats" 8x10 Canvas panel

Now she has a half dozen cats to listen to her tunes and share her company! I'm not sure this version is that much better but it now tells a story and makes me smile. That's good enough for me!
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