Oct 11, 2010

Recent Projects

I've been busy the last few weeks getting my painting gear ready for 'sailboat mode'. In a month or so we'll be sailing again and I have to figure out which paints, brushes, mediums, and canvas I can successfully transport to the boat and use as we travel.

Sailing across the Turks and Caicos bank

Since space is limited I am trying to come up with a material that is easy to store. Stretched canvas is ideal but there's nowhere to store it and it might get damaged in heavy seas. I like canvas panels but they are made from canvas on pressed cardboard and I'm afraid the sea air might make them warp or even fall apart. I thought I was going to be stuck using canvas paper (hate it) and melamine board (not terrible but expensive and it has no tooth to it).

While browsing the Jerry's Artarama web site I discovered the Everlast hardboard canvas panels. They are as thin as regular panels but have a wooden board as a core instead of cardboard. Less likely to warp if wet, super light weight and inexpensive! A few dozen 8x10 panels should hold me for a few months!

My latest project is a portrait of a young girl and a westie.  It is acrylic on 8x10 stretched canvas. I hope to have it for sale on my web site and ETSY shop very soon. Just working out a few more details...

"Girl with Westie" Acrylic on 8x10
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Kat said...

Wow, what a gorgeous photo of the ocean and boat!! The water color is amazing.

The Girl with Westie is awesome.


storybeader said...

cute painting! have fun sailing - I'm SO jealous! {:-D

Funny Jokes said...

Awesome post!
Thanks a lot for sharing.

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