Sep 22, 2010

Sock puppets deserve better...

I painted a picture of some sock puppets last year and while I liked the characters, the piece did not quite hit the mark. The title was "Sock Puppet Undressed" and I liked the idea but the picture was flat and uninspiring. The purple guy on the right also bothered me so I was determined to paint him out of the new picture.

I started thinking about WHY the hand would be undressed and decided 'laundry day' was a good explanation. I placed the characters at the Laundromat in front of a pile of clothes and machines. Not only are there dirty sock puppets inthe pile, there are also sock puppets tumbling in the dryer!

"Laundry Day" 12 x 36 inches acrylic

I'll leave the painting alone for a day and then go back and add a few touch ups and highlights. I'm much happier with this version, how about you?
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sassypackrat said...

Really cute idea!

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