Sep 28, 2010

Lobster on the loose

My latest painting I started over the weekend - I did the sketch Sunday night while watching Desperate housewives; used colored pencil to flesh things out...

Monday afternoon I painting with friends and got a lot done. I thought I was about 60% through the piece when my painting buddies yelled "STOP!"

This is a blurry iPhone photo but the painting is very loose at the moment and most areas have been blocked in without additional attention. The lobster claw in front has the most paint which seems appropriate. I'll take my friends' advice and leave the work alone for a few days. I think there are a few place where I need to pay more attention to colors and dark/shadow but I'll try hard to resist the urge to 'finish' the messy bits... lol...
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Kat said...

Very cool!


sms said...

Awesome painting.

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