Jul 23, 2010

Two Little Chiefs - Updated!

This post went up a few hours ago - then a friend commented on FaceBook "Are those boys supposed to be naked?"

My first reaction was "Huh?". Then it was "You're being silly". Then I looked at the painting again and realized the boy on the left did not have any pants on!

He was supposed to have leather trousers on but in my big hurry to finish the painting I just swished around some brown paint and threw a few shadows down there. How was I to know my random shadows would look like private parts. When I said I thought I was 90% finished with the piece I never realized how literal that really was!

I am completely embarrassed and I have not laughed so hard in months. Here's the painting updated - everyone is fully dressed - I promise!

Little Chiefs - 8x10 on canvas

----- Original post ----------

After painting "Late for the Parade" I decided to try a few more paintings with a rustic American theme. I found a great photo of two boys dressed in American Indian costumes. The light was hard and their faces were partially shadowed. I really loved their smiles and the white feathers and red highlights against the blue background.

I tried a new technique with this painting. I gessoed the canvas and while still wet, I placed some red tissue paper on top of the wet paint and let it wrinkle where it wanted to. After it dried I applied a layer of clear gesso to cut down on the bleed through from the red.

I think I'm 90% finished with this one but I'll leave it for a week to see what else I need to do to it before I seal it with varnish.

Little Chiefs - 8x10 on canvas
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