Jul 28, 2010

Figuring it all out

There are so many things that make a good painting - composition has to top the list but there is also color selection and the use of highlights and shadow. If you're trying to convey a mood or feeling there is a challenge to get that just right.

The most useful thing I ever heard from a painting teacher was "Never forget - your painting must stand on its own - you will not always be there to explain what you meant to say."

This most recent painting was an exercise to convey a feeling of childhood excitement. I like the composition for the most part - the parts were taken mostly from photographs. First, I had to figure out the colors I wanted to use to make the subject stand out. I worked out how much detail I wanted to put in to the surroundings, trying not to draw attention from the subject. After the first pass I stepped back and asked myself "Does this painting say what I wanted it to say?" - If not, why not?

I think I'm on the right path with this one. I need to work on the shadows on the floor and the back wall might be a little too dark. I like the looseness of the cabinet and stove areas but the chair, since it is attached to the subject, needs more detail. The pot on the stove does not work at all and needs to be changed or removed all together. Do you have any ideas where I might improve this one?

"Cookie Watch" 8 x 8 acrylic
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Dianna said...

Instead of the pot, put a tray of cookies cooling, or just the cooling rack, or a oven mitt, or a glass of milk.... Something to say there is a batch of gooie chocolate chip cookies coming my way!

Kat said...

Love this one. I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong...at all. Loved it. But since you asked, I studied it. I think I would make the stove a tad more noticeable. Maybe make the knobs darker? I agree the pot isn't right. I was thinking maybe a teapot?

Can you believe I went on Tuesday and you didn't? LOL We've got to get our schedules jived.

Happy weekend!


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