Dec 5, 2009

I'll Drink to That!

The holidays are upon us and many of us will be sampling those delightful sounding drinks like "Frosty Noggin" and "Gingersnap". I don't know about you but if someone offers me a drink called "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" I'll HAVE to try it and I WILL regret it.

I think someone jotted down this happy jingle after one too many "Candy-cane-tini's"...

Starkle, starkle, little twink,
Who the hell are you I think.
I’m not under what you call
The alcofluence of incohol.
I’m just a little slort of sheep,
I’m not drunk like thinkle peep.
I don’t know who is me yet,
But the drunker I stand here the longer I get.
So just give me one more fink to drill my cup,
‘Cause I got all day sober to Sunday up.

For a good cause...
It's been on the rocks for the last 100 years, buried under two feet of Antarctic ice. Now the two cases - 24 bottles - of "Rare Old" brand McKinlay and Co. whisky, left behind by Sir Ernest Shackleton in 1909, are to be retrieved.

A team of New Zealand explorers heading out in January has been asked by Whyte & Mackay, the company that now owns McKinlay and Co., to get a sample of the drink. The cases were discovered by polar explorers in 2006, but couldn't be removed as they were too deeply embedded in ice. This team plans to use special drills to rescue a sample. I wonder what it will taste like?

Experts say that it will taste the same as it did 100 years ago if it has been stored upright, in the dark and away from heat (not hard to do in Antarctica). If the bottles have been stored upright there is every chance they will be drinkable.

If the team of explorers are unable to retrieve a full bottle, they are hoping to use a syringe to extract some of the contents. I personally think they must have been left it there by mistake, because it's hard to believe two crates would have been left under the hut without drinking them.

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SassyBelle said...

love this post...I love a good cocktail:) you must check out my cocktail monkey necklaces:
Your shop is too cute:)

Jac-Ber Creations said...

Thats funny!
Funnier to think that a team of NZ explorers aren't going to drink the whiskey :-)

Anonymous said...
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