Nov 19, 2009

A Doggie from Scratch

That sounds funny. As if I'm about to bake a canine using nothing but a little flour and eggs.

What I really meant to say was that I managed to photograph a painting, in stages, from start to finish. I usually get on a roll and forget to capture the process but this time I remembered and I thought it would be fun to share!

The sketch and the background are completed first

Next come the shadows and darker areas

The eyes, nose, and mouth are added

Different shades of white are then layered on to create the fur

Finishing touches are added - darker eyes, more wispy hair, and a little white pearl in a few places to make it pop.

This is a commission piece for a friend; it is supposed to be her Westie puppy "Clementine".
I hope she likes it - Cross your fingers...

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sassypackrat said...

That is so awesome!

storybeader said...

what a cutie! I'm sure she'll love it! {:-D

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