Aug 17, 2009

The Lion and the Lion Tamer

I'm still having a lot of fun messing around with playful abstract painting ideas. The other night I decided to try a circus scene with a lion tamer and roaring lion.
I tried to keep the image simple with the two subjects taking up most of the canvas. Here's my first stage with background done, the beginnings of a lion and the lion tamer sketched in:

It took me a while to decide how much detail to put into the lion, I wanted it to keep an abstract feeling about it so there would not be a great contrast between the lion and the very abstract looking lion tamer. I decided to focus on the area around the lion's nose and keep the shapes simple.

After getting in more details for the two subjects I finished up the background by adding more shades of color and some pennants. I think I'm finished, what do you think?

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Dianna said...

The lion painting looks amazing. Don't change a thing!!!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I like how it turned out!

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