Jul 8, 2009

Everyone Should Have A Best Friend

Someone to lean on
Someone to love
With arms wide open
You offer a hug
Someone to cry with
Laugh with and smile
Someone to make
Every moment worthwhile
When times get rough
And my world falls apart
You´re someone I run to
You offer your heart
From tearful shoulders
To stomach aching laughs
You´re someone I need
That's Something everyone should have
You´re the person who always
Shows me the brighter side
And I can always tell you
What I feel inside
Someone to be thankful for
Someone to never forget
You´re someone special I´ll always love
Are we BFFs? You bet!

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Judy C said...

I do enjoy your sense of humor and your outlook. Thanks for bringing good things to the day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.... xxoo goob

momxxx said...

how sweet!

storybeader said...

cute! how true!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Awww - just sent a link to my best friend :D

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