Jul 5, 2009

Busy Boat Week

Aside from my Illustration Friday drawing I have not picked up a pencil or paint brush all week. We spent a lot of time taking advantage of sunshine and low humidity and managed to get the first coat of our finishing paint on the boat's super structure. After grinding, sanding, and countless applications of filler, we finally made it from this:

To this:

I have to admit that Charles has done most of the nasty work, I only helped out with the taping and the application of the final coat. Now we have to tape one more time and apply one more coat of the shiny paint. A few spots will need a third coat but only in high traffic areas.

We also installed the steps that I re-varnished in Atlanta. After sliding them into place and locking them down, we applied some no-skid tape to the edges and now they're good as new!

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Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

Wow! So much work. Aren't you ready to come home?!


(A big thanks for your help today. I owe you lunch...come get it!)

PurrPrints said...

Incredible--it looks great!

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