Jul 21, 2009

A Blonde Joke

A blonde walked into a gas station and said to the manager, ”I locked my keys in my car. Do you have a coat hanger or something I can stick through the window to unlock the door?”

”Why sure,” said the manager, ”we have something that works especially well for that.”

A couple minutes later, the manager walked outside to see how the blonde was doing and he heard another voice.

”No, no! A little to the left,” said the other blonde inside the car.

Now for the Brunette version...

Like most people, I own at least one 110V adapter for my phone but when needed, it's nowhere to be found. My 12V charger works fine most of the time - drive around, charge the phone, you get the picture. I learned some time ago that my car ignition must be ON to enable the 12V plug.

So, I'm visiting my best friend.
My car is parked in her driveway.
Last night the battery died on my cell phone.

I put my brain to work on how I might charge my phone without leaving my car vulnerable to a car thief. I had a key and a remote. I quickly deduced that if I put the key in the ignition and turn the switch on, I could safely charge the phone and still get back in with my remote.

I started the phone charging and closed the car doors. I pressed the LOCK button on the remote and nothing happened. OK, I know. You're all one step ahead of me already - "If the remote will not LOCK the car with the key in the ignition, how can you expect it to UNLOCK the car while in the same state?"

Here's where I got too clever for my own good. I walked around the car and manually pressed all of the lock buttons, holding up the car handle on the last door to make sure the lock stayed down. Smiling and quite proud of myself I went inside.

At 10pm (2 hours later) I headed outside to turn off the car and get my phone. To my surprise, the remote did NOTHING. The little red light came on but nothing happened. This is when I began to realize that my car is smarter than I am. Had I read the manual for my Acura I might have discovered that it has a number of "anti-theft" features. This was one of them.

I panicked. It was 10pm and my battery would be dead in the morning if I didn't do something. I then accessed one of my car's "stupid driver" features - the 1-800 ACURA roadside service I signed up for when I bought my car.

The nice locksmith was there in 35 minutes with a tool. It took him 2 minutes to open my door. My best friend, a blonde, asked the guy "Who do you think locked the keys in the car, the blonde or the brunette (me)?"

He replied "The brunette - I get far more calls from brunettes than I do from blondes."

No! that can't be right! There must be a reason for all of those blonde jokes, right? Then I remembered that blonde hair only makes up about 2% of the US population (10% if you count dye jobs). If more than 10% of the calls come from blondes, my blonde joke logic would still work. Unfortunately, I thought about this AFTER the locksmith was gone.

Also statistically speaking, I'm not alone. People have blogged about locking keys in their car 6,381 times in the past month alone.

Make that 6,382...

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Wags said...

Ok everyone....she is sooooo leaving out her "emotional state" during this incident. All I will say is, we can laugh about it now... :-)

storybeader said...

that's a lot of locking your keys in the car! glad you had the call number on your person, and not in the glove box!

meme's blog said...

I'm a new viewer but wanted to let you know what I found out about locking your keys in the car. If you have two remotes, have who ever has the other remote(it does not matter if they are 100's of miles away) put the remote up to their cell phone and press the unlock button while you put your cell phone a few inches away from your lock on your car.It will unlock your door. I promise. I have tried it and it works.

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