Jun 9, 2009

A Day at the "RIVAH"

We spent all day Sunday working pretty hard on boat projects. Charles got a lot of the filler put down on the topside and I worked on the hatches and stripped the varnish off a handrail that needs refinishing. After my work was done I played for a bit and finished another "Circus Cat" painting:

"Lenny and Lester join the Circus"
8x10 acrylic and mixed media on canvas

I love the expression on Lenny's face - it looks like the Circus thing might have been Lester's idea, not Lenny's!

Monday we took some time off and drove over to Hallieford, VA to visit friends who are renting a house on the bay for the week. Hal and Myra are actually our good friends and
next door neighbors in Florida so we had a lot of catching up to do! We spent the day riding around in Jim's boat, swimming in the pool, eating and drinking. What a day! We got back to the boat at 10:30 last night and I was exhausted!

I guess it's back to work today... Bummer...

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storybeader said...

looks like you have circus on the mind! Are you thinking of running away? No! Don't know how you have time to draw!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looks like you had a fun day!

And Deb - I think she already ran away!

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