May 3, 2009

The Mad Hatter and Multimedia

It's been a week since I've picked up a pencil or a brush but now that I've settled into boat life, I can get back to some of my projects. One of my favorite new themes is the "Beyond Alice" illustrations where I put the Alice in Wonderland characters in new settings independent of the story or Alice. In this second illustration, the Mad Hatter is trying to update his look by changing hats, the White Rabbit looks like he'd rather be somewhere else.

The Mad Hatter gets a New Look
Watercolor pencil and pen 9x12 140lb paper

To see the first illustration in this series, click here. I had a great idea last night as I was falling asleep - you're going to love the next illustration with the Cheshire Cat!

And now for something completely different - A boat project to brag about:

We spent a few days last week upgrading our entertainment system on the boat and I have to show it off because it looks (and sounds) great! We have had the same TV and car stereo system for about 18 years. The little TV has always been great for us because it is a multisystem display (handy when you're going between the US and Europe with the boat). Our stereo, a Blaupunkt cassette player, gave us radio and access to our 6 speakers for portable DVD players and other audio devices. A little clumsy but it all worked.
Last year the little TV finally croaked and the stereo was not sounding very good. We knew it was time to update our entertainment system.
With the explosion of choices and our installation of an inverter to give us anytime, reliable 110 power, we could do anything - as long as we kept the spending under $500. Yeah, I hear you, that's not much but we actually spent even less! Check it out:

Old CRT Television to new Flat Screen LCD - things are funner when you flatten them!

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missknits said...

omgosh i love the mad hatter! that is just so fun and whimsical! great work!!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love the mad hatter!

storybeader said...

looks like the rabbit couldn't figure out what to what. Hello, flat screen!

D said...

While the Mad Hatter is nice, the TV/DVD/STEREO ROCKS!!! Looks like you have the boat all ready for your best buddy :-)

momxxx said...

how long is the cruise list now? momxxx

justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

I'm back and it's fun to be blogging again. It sounds like you're having fun and staying busy. We missed you at lunch today. We went to Tommy Bahamas. Yummy!


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