Apr 23, 2009

Painting Coach

Yesterday was my first attempt at helping someone else finish a painting. When you're working on a painting you can get stuck sometimes and not know what to do next. That's what happened to my best friend. Because this was her first serious painting (ever) and because I kind of gave her the picture and told her to paint it, and because she is my best friend, I felt kind of responsible.

When I saw the painting I was really impressed and convinced her there were only a few more details she needed to add. Who knew it would take us all day to add those details...

We finally called it quits that night and I think the painting is wonderful. I can't wait to see it framed!

Of course I couldn't just sit there for hours watching someone else paint. I kept myself busy painting a re-enactment of "The Great Mallard Massacre of 2009".

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Dianna said...

Ok Robin...Shall I tell everyone that your patience with me ROCKS! When you said, "all day", you were right. My hand, mind and backside are all sore from working on the painting all day.

That said, I really enjoyed painting, and am slowly gaining the confidence that I need to start the next "masterpiece".

Thanks for helping me!!! You are a great teacher.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Robin

Want a real "raw" student? I've never ever painted, unless you count "paint by numbers". LOL

Having fun? Missed you on Tuesday.


storybeader said...

yours is too funny! I like the weathered and "beachy" look of your friend's piece too.

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