Apr 17, 2009

A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

Ask most people to pick up a paint brush and paint a picture and you'll see their face change from relaxed to fearful. Most see painting as a scary endeavor filled with plenty of opportunities for embarrassment. That's why I was delighted when my best friend who's never painted before said "Let's paint something!". On the way to her house I picked up a pack of canvas panels.

We rummaged through the craft closet (a requirement if you have kids in the house) and pulled out some large bottles of poster paint (red, yellow, blue, and white). We were only missing black and managed to find a left over paint by number kit with a bit of that color too.

When we got the material on the table Dianna's two kids got inte
rested and soon we were all talking about what we should paint. We then spent the next four hours painting just for for the fun of it. No stress, no expectations, just full throttle creativity! We had so much fun we did it two nights in a row. Check out all of the cool stuff we created!

My best friend is so excited she bought a good set of student artist acrylics and is going to keep painting. I can't wait to see her work!

To end the week on a perfect note I got a great surprise Friday afternoon. My young friend Sean gave me a very cool present he created in school this week:

Thanks Sean!

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Judy C said...

Another lesson in art. Don't freak out and paint for yourself, not someone else. Thanks and I hope the whole family of your friend keeps paingint.

Dianna said...

Ok...the truth is, painting for me is harder than Robin says! I try very hard, but my picture(s) just keep getting messier and messier. Robin told me that I have to keep practicing. Guess I need a few glasses of wine to keep my frustration away??? Anyway, we all had fun, and the kids love their paintings. Thanks Robin!

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