Apr 24, 2009

Wrong Matte - New Hat

There's no real theme to this blog post, just a chance to share some things I worked on this week.
Here's a bit of music to get your feet tapping this Friday:

It's a great latin / jazz / hip-hop mix you can listen to here or download to your pod (legally).

A few days ago I went shopping for a matte and frame for an acrylic I just finished. The experience served as a very important lesson in being prepared - always take the art with you when you are buying a frame. Your memory is not as good as you think it is! You might imagine the obvious - bad color selection. Matte wrong color, frame too dark, etc., etc...
It was even worse - I bought a blue matte for an 8x10 canvas panel to make the work 11x14 inches framed. I picked out a nice whitewashed 11x14 frame to go with it all. When I got back to the house and started arranging the parts I was shocked to discover the canvas panel was actually 9x12 inches! Yikes, with the 8x10 inch matte on top of the picture it lost a LOT of its coolness! At that point I had 2 choices - return the matte and frame for something else OR improvise. I chose the latter!
Instead of hiding the picture behind the matte, I put the canvas panel on top! What do you think?

"County Fair at Night" 9x12 Acrylic

Last night I started to sketch the second idea for my "Beyond Alice" series. In these illustrations I'm trying to imagine what the characters from "Alice in Wonderland" might be doing without Alice around. This illustration will center on the Mad Hatter and his attempt to update his look with a new hat. I've included the March Hare in the picture but I'm not happy with the look of him. I think he needs to be more crazy and animated so he will change a bit in the final piece. What do you think the March Hare should be doing in this picture? Looking at his watch? Trying on hats? Acting bored? I've exhausted myself just thinking about the possibilities!

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3 COMMENTS - Click here to leave YOURS!:

Ragtree said...

Robin, you are SO talented it blows me away! Everytime I stop by, I just end up browsing around for WAY too long seeing what you've been doing!

So, have we both put away the clay for the summer? I am finding a HARD time getting inspired to sculpt anything. I have so many unfinished little ladies waiting for limbs... it is sad...

Have a safe road trip!!!

Renee :)

Maureen said...

What I wouldn't give for talent like yours. :)

storybeader said...

he could be looking at the clock on the wall... Your country fair turned out nice. Are those fireworks? Love the flags - they really look like they're blowing!

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