Mar 5, 2009

Robots, Owls, and New Friends

I think I've finished the next painting in the Robot and Owl series. This one is called "Sparky and Hoot play hide and seek". I like the idea of Hoot trying to mimic the flowers where he is hiding.

We also got a new roommate today. "Princess" is our foster kitty for a few weeks while we try to figure out how to find her a new, permanent home. I am volunteering with a nonprofit group where I live called the "Feline Friends of Destin". They work hard to find homes for abandoned cats and kittens and also help to manage the feral cat population by neutering, tagging, and feeding the cats that live in the wild. They are a hard working group with a big job, especially in these economically challenging times. Please check out their web site and donate a few 'tax-deductible' cents if you can spare it.

Princess - The Kitty without a Home

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sassypackrat said...

Love the new Sparky and Hoot! The cat is beautiful too!

Deb Cards, Etc. said...

i think this is my favorite painting of yours that i've seen so far. how you painted the owl is precious!

didn't know you did the foster kitty thing either - i adopted a stray last year (he's all over my blog) and he's now the love of my life. =)

storybeader said...

Great hiding place, Hoot! And such a pretty kitty - great cause!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Precious little kitty - and I love your new painting! I love how you have the little owl imitating the flowers :)

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