Feb 6, 2009

Speed Painting!

Thursday night a bunch of the girls got together and visited a local art gallery for a fun night of painting with acrylics. For a very reasonable price we were all provided with a large canvas, an easel, an assortment of brushes, an unlimited supply of paint, and a picture of SOMETHING TO PAINT!
Sounds easy right? Now here's the hard part - complete the painting in 2 hours!

We all got busy drawing our bottles (we had a little help in that department) and then went to town! Some of us painted the picture as we saw it, others gave it a whole new look. As time passed it was amazing to see how different each painting was and how talented we all were with a paint brush!

At the end of the class we all had a completed painting and we were very happy with ourselves and the experience. I think we'll all be doing this again in the near future!

Since I was the photographer I did not get a shot of myself working. My completed painting is shown above. The silly picture of me was done at Pikipimp.com - check it out, it's serious fun!

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Anonymous said...

That's funny! It takes me forever to pick out a greeting card, painting something like that in 2 hours is beyond belief!


Carolyn said...

wow! this looks like a blast!

justabeachkat said...

Wow...you did good girl! It looks like you all had fun.

Cute photo of you!


sassypackrat said...

It's crazy difficult to make glass look like glass. In design school we had to do it with markers. Very hard subject for 2 hour class, I think you did great!

Savings Cafe said...

That looks great!

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